PHILANTHROPIST Darius Assemi “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people... But because of the silence of good people.”
- Napoleon

Darius Assemi

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

-John Maxwell

Darius Assemi is President and CEO of Granville Homes – a real estate development company established in 1977. Darius also serves on the board of the Alliance for Medical Outreach & Relief (, whose mission is to build healthier communities in areas of concentrated poverty in Fresno County and around the world, as well as the board of Breaking the Chains, a nonprofit dedicated to ending human trafficking in Fresno County.

In addition to building communities and serving the underprivileged, Darius is actively engaged in public policy work at the local and state level. In 2016, he became the publisher of GV Wire, an online news site dedicated to exploring, explaining, and exposing issues that affect the health, well-being, and economic prosperity of residents of the Central Valley.

Developer, Writer, Investor, Philanthropist, Publisher, Speaker

“On top of being a Central Valley Home Builder for over 40 years; I’ve built so many valuable relationships with my customers and trade partners. This Valley has been so good to my family and I am happy to give back to the community at every opportunity I can afford.”

Common Subject Matter for Speaking Engagements

Social Injustice


A situation in which dominant population evolves into an inequitable structure of power. Social injustice occurs in a situation where the equals are treated unequally and the unequal is treated equally.

Foreign Policy


Weighing in on a country’s self-interest strategies and their national interests, discovering the reasoning for their alliances and personal goals to see how these affect international relations milieu. 

Immigration Reform


The debate is not about whether we should allow immigration – it’s about how we do so in a way that protects American sovereignty, respects the rule of law, and is beneficial to all Americans.

Tax Reform


Tax management and change issued by the local, federal and world governments and the impact they play to our economic or social benefit or detriment.

Urban Development


Analyzing the development or improvement of our urban society while keying in on the economic sustainment of its beneficiaries through careful city  or rural planning and impact it has on local community as a whole. 


Reform of the institutions and processes that govern transportation planning, capital programming, and project selection. Sourcing revenue to support the federal government’s commitments.


At Granville, building homes has been our legacy. But what is most important to us is why we build: We want to deliver the best quality of life possible to residents of the Central Valley. It is our hope that we can make this area a better place to live, work, and play.

Publisher, GV Wire

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GV Wire℠ brings you award-winning digital content developed by our team of experienced journalists and video producers. This year, GV Wire℠ was honored as a finalist in 18 California Journalism Award categories, earning 10 first place and runner-up awards presented by the California News Publishers Association. GV Wire℠ was also honored in 2018 with the prestigious Addy Award by the Fresno Advertising Federation for our public service campaign titled, Does Fres-Know Islam?

While we are certainly proud to be recognized by these organizations for our work, our priority will always be to serve the needs and interests of GV Wire’s loyal audience.

“In the Age of Information, Ignorance Is a Choice.” – Donny Miller


Granville Home of Hope

In 2006, Granville Homes initiated the annual Granville Home of Hope fundraiser, which has raised over $6.6 million to date, providing funds to many local nonprofit organizations.

Board Member, AMOR

AMOR’s mission is to build healthier communities in areas of concentrated poverty in Fresno County and around the world. While their initial mission was to provide aid in countries like Afghanistan, AMOR has more recently begun a neighborhood resource center project, which includes a health clinic, in Mendota, CA, a critically-underserved city in western Fresno County.

Local Nonprofits

Board Member, Breaking the Chains

Board Member, The Granville Foundation

Additional Projects

Co-Founder, CHSU

Darius and his family saw the need in the Central Valley for expanded access to advanced degrees in the medical field. In 2012, Darius used his experience in land use and development to co-found the California Health Sciences University (CHSU) in Clovis, CA. Beginning as a pharmacy school, CHSU saw its first class of graduates in May of 2018.

California Transportation Commissioner

Darius served on the California Transportation Commission from 2009 through 2015. During his 6 year term, Darius was actively engaged with legislatures and key stakeholders in securing much-needed transportation funding.

Central Valley Business Federation

Darius currently serves as the Immediate Past Board Chair for the Central Valley Business Federation. BizFed brings together associations and employers to share information, expertise, connections, and research, and use that knowledge to bring a united message to local policymakers.


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