The Responsible Neighborhood Market Act: Our Letter to City Council

An ordinance named the Responsible Neighborhood Market Act is being proposed at City Hall. While this ordinance is intended to reduce the number of liquor stores in Fresno, it actually imposes barriers to bringing quality markets to our neighborhoods, without addressing the current problem.

The biggest violators of city code are now the most protected people in Fresno.

Rather than enforcing current city code and reducing blight in our neighborhoods, this new ordinance makes it harder for new quality neighborhood markets to open and serve our community. It is an unfortunate case where an attempt to “do the right thing” comes with unintended consequences. As written, this ordinance will:

  • Allow current liquor and convenience store owners to squeeze out the competition.
  • Go against Fresno’s goal of being a more walkable city, and as a result, contribute to air pollution.
  • Protect the very businesses that the ordinance is meant to discourage.
  • Do nothing to address the need for neighborhood markets in the underserved areas of our community.

However, I believe that this ordinance was written in good faith, and with some slight revision, can do wonders to improve our city. That is why George Beale, President of Beale Development, Nick Yovino, California Land Consulting Principal, Sam Bogdanovich, Commercial Retail Associates Broker, Rajdeep Singh, Owner/Operator of KNRG LLC, and I have put together a proposal to amend the ordinance. This amendment will:

  • Welcome smaller 4,000-5,000 square foot markets with fresh produce and staple items in every neighborhood in our city.
  • Require façade and interior improvements to existing liquor and convenience stores.
  • Limit the percentage of shelf space that can be dedicated to alcohol sales.
  • Require stores to carry a percentage of fresh food inventory and grocery items.
  • Ban alcohol and tobacco advertising on the exterior of the building.

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Help us Bring More Quality Neighborhood Markets to Fresno

We understand that in order to be economically successful, small grocery stores and markets need to be able to sell alcohol, but these stores should also be providing healthy food options in a clean and safe environment while upholding the current business and health codes.

Help us send our message to City Council, that we want to support high-quality neighborhood markets in our City, as opposed to corner liquor stores.

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