Darius Assemi


31 Aug: Investment in Fresno PD Will Protect Citizens, Boost Economy

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand made good this week on his promises to hire a full-time independent police auditor who resides in Fresno and to appoint a Citizens Public Safety Advisory Board. It is my fervent hope that John Gliatta, a former FBI agent and Fresno County Sheriff’s Office crime analyst, teams with the advisory board to bring more transparency to the Fresno Police Department and strengthen the bond between citizens and officers.​

19 May: Will our next mayor’s vision be alligned with Fresno’s needs?

Our city has become handicapped in many ways, and we are falling behind our neighbors. In May of 2015, Gallup named Fresno out of the 100 largest cities nationwide the city where people are least likely to feel safe. The Brookings Institute ranked Fresno 93rd out of 100 major cities nationwide in prosperity growth from 2009 through 2014.

24 Jan: Muslim Immigrant: Don’t let terrorists define American values

The events in Paris and San Bernardino were outrageous. There is no way to predict when or where the next atrocity will occur. My first reaction was to bomb the Islamic State into oblivion, cut off their money supply and destroy their leadership. I sounded like some of our Republican presidential candidates who serve up promises of instant gratification to a frustrated electorate.